About us

About us

Vesta Smart Packaging has a simple goal – to provide a really good reason for us all to use less plastic.

Using IoT technology, our solutions extend the intelligence of logistics networks right into the home. Our smart containers know when they’re running low, and re-order their contents automatically.

Not only does this mean the end of running out of critical supplies – anything from coffee beans to detergent – but in an increasingly busy and time-poor world, our packages lighten the mental load. All the things you need, when you need them, with none of the hassle.

On the other side of things, we offer merchants and manufacturers the opportunity to build relationships with customers and increase loyalty in a trading environment where aggregation sites (mentioning no names!!) have reduced most product consideration to a simple price comparison.

But what has this got to do with plastic?

The vast majority of consumer goods are packaged for storage. Packaging must last at least as long as what its holding, hence all the plastic! By moving to refillable, durable and smart alternatives, we can help our merchant partners to change this – eliminating damaging single use plastics from global supply chains and creating efficient and sustainable business models for the benefit of all.

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