Case studies

Case study:

Home Care; 5 products – detergent, shower gel, dishwasher soap, hand soap, cleaning sprays

Our client, a major supplier of home care products for Nordic markets, was looking for a way to help it reach its ambitious plastic reduction targets.

Following extensive research into how consumer behaviour and sustainability targets are closely related, it was determined that there is a strong latent demand to adopt products and services that are delivered in a more sustainable way. However, for this to happen at scale there must be a value exchange to drive changes in behaviour.

In this case, it was determined that the convenience offered by the Vesta solution will help consumers transition to a low plastic mode of product provision.

  • Single use plastic – our client has an incredible target of eliminating single use plastic by 2023
  • Convenience – our client will experiment with service-led in home refills, to make the availability of home care products ‘invisible’
  • Innovation – the data from the platform will be used to support the business with everything from manufacturing to logistics to product design